About Our Friend Jane
About Erika

After years working in the corporate world, she decided to bring her administrative and organizational skills to her own business. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as paralegal diploma specializing in corporate and securities, and has nearly ten years of working in the legal industry – five of those as an in-office executive assistant/legal administrative assistant/paralegal for major multi-national firms. Having this background in the legal field means she is keenly aware of client confidentiality, time-sensitive documents, proper file organization, and the importance of attention to detail at all times.

Erika has also worked in the customer service, hospitality and education fields which adds to her well-rounded skill sets. She has experience managing small businesses both remotely and in person, from scuba diving shops to bed & breakfasts to boutique hotels. She also has extensive experience in travel writing for online + print publications, blogging, and social media + online presence management. Resourcefulness and excellent service are a solid part of her character.

As a professional and a business owner herself, Erika prides herself on work done quickly, efficiently and correctly. Our Friend Jane is her dream – now she can help you achieve yours!


Our Friend Jane offers legal administrative support, executive assistance and personal concierge. Let us take care of the details… what would you do with an extra hour every day?