Legal Administrative Support

For lawyers, paralegals, public companies, and anyone else in this field who wants to free up their time for the big picture. We can help you with regular administrative assistance (is your inbox always overflowing?), one-time support (is your assistant going on vacation?) or just during your busy times (year-end financial filing deadlines, anyone?)

Specializing in corporate and securities, we can create a custom plan tailored to whatever type of support you need. With years of experience working in law offices, we understand the importance of client confidentiality, attention to details, well-organized filing systems, and keeping track of deadlines.

Legal Administrative Support tasks that Our Friend Jane offers:

  • maintaining a bring-forward reminder system
  • document review, proofreading, and editing
  • creation of documents using your law firm templates
  • creation of document templates
  • basic research and summaries
  • calendar and email management
  • creation, maintenance, or organization of online filing systems
  • + more!

Check out our packages, or contact us to discuss a custom quote!


[Please note: We offer administrative support in the legal field. We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice, nor can we independently handle matters that require a licensed lawyer.]